Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Victorian Wedding Flowers - Some thoughts and ideas...

Garden Rose & Peony Wedding Centerpiece
We did flowers for a wedding recently that had a "Victorian" theme.  The location of the wedding was in Santa Monica at the Victorian House.  A beautiful Victorian Home on Main Street made into a romantic event site.

The Bride requested peonies for her mid-summer wedding, as professionals we let her know that peonies might not be available so late in the season.  English garden roses was suggested as a substitution if the peonies were in bad condition or unobtainable.  Since our industry is at the mercy of the seasons there are times when curtain flowers are very, very scarce or just not available.  

Well "luck" was on our side! The Peonies for her wedding arrived and they were beautiful.  Our lucky bride, not only had peonies, she also had garden roses in her bridal bouquet, brides maids and ceremony flowers.

We use a "vintage" birdcage with pink peonies, pink & white garden roses, mauve hydrangeas and hybrid delphiniums.  English garden style is the use of "cottage" flowers in a luscious, soft, formal yet relaxed look. We also used Queen Anne's Lace to add a soft romantic feel to our floral composition.   Two of these garden floral designs were placed on pedestals on opposite sides where the wedding couple said their marriage vows.
The Bride also wanted the herb lavender incorporated in her wedding flowers.  She loved the fragrance and  it reminded her of France.  We found French Lavender to compete the theme. Lavender was in everything including the Groom's and Groomsmen's boutonnieres.

Fragrance was also a bonus with our selection of flowers  chosen for this wedding.  We feel flowers should touch as many senses as possible.  Sight is the first impression, most women will remember if the flowers were beautiful or ugly.  After a week, most that attended the wedding will forget what they ate at the wedding.  If the flowers were beautiful, many will remember it for months and years!  Fragrance is discovered soon after and adds to the beauty of the flowers.  Wonderful fragrances can send someone to very memorable milestones in one's life.  Every time this bride smells peonies, lavender and garden roses it will transport her back to the events of her wedding day.  We love gardenias, as their intoxicating fragrance can fill a room. A fragrance so wonderful, the bride and groom remembers this flower with thoughts of romance forever.  Men in particular are attracted to this blossom along with Tuberose which has a similar Jasmine-like fragrance. 

Flowers and floral artisans who have the knowledge of best varieties can make this possible.  Like a chef who knows which combination of ingredients can make a spectacular meal, a professional florist with a passion for their craft can make memories with every stem.  We are constantly seeking out new and wonderful varieties along with classic blooms to make this possible.

On the day of the event when everything was set ready to take pictures of our hard work, the camera quickly ran out of battery charge and the only pictures we have is the above ceremony flowers.  What a bummer!  Hopefully we will be able to get pictures from the photographer.  To be continued.... : )

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  1. Fragrance was also a bonus with our selection of flowers chosen for this wedding. We feel to wedding flowers should touch as many senses as possible. Sight is the first impression, most women will remember if the flowers were beautiful or ugly.


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