Tuesday, March 15, 2016

There are Angels even in Los Angeles!

There are Angels in Los Angeles

As a local Santa Monica florist for almost 30 years, we have serviced our community and designed many flowers for endless occasions, happy and sad.   We have been able to celebrate and comfort all the milestones of our many cherished client's lives.   

Ruby roses and purple butterfly orchid arrangement

We have been here to help the shy teenager to pick out the perfect flowers for a first prom date.  Later send flowers to express his affection to a new found love interest.  Have the honor to design the flowers for the wedding, send flowers for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day and just because he wants to see her smile.  They later become parents and share many baby pictures with us.  

Garden roses and dahlia bridal bouquet
Several young fathers come in with the new addition or many small ones to pick out Mommy's first Mother's day flowers.  In order to keep the children entertain we offer a balloon and have become to be known as the balloon store.  We help choose a wrist corsage for their first father/daughter dance.  We have made countless nosegays for little girls first dance recitals from proud parents and friends.

As for the sad times, we have cried and hugged many of those in our community.  We breath some light into their lives with beautiful  floral tributes in memory of a loved-one during difficult times.   
Open Heart Sympathy wreath

Recently we had a very sad occurrence.  One of our families lost their Mother,  two young girls 18 and 19 years old.  They had recently lost their Father just a few months earlier.  Even though still sadden by their loss, their mother decided to still have a 50th birthday party. A party she was joyfully planning for months with her now deceased husband and family.  The week of her  party she passed away.   

The young ladies called our shop to inquire about flowers for the funeral.  They wanted standing sprays for the service as well as several centerpieces for the meal after the service with limited funds.  We told them we would work it out with their limited budget in making the flowers beautiful.  

Later that day the young sisters came in to discuss the items they were needing.  At the same time we had a woman in the shop deciding on what gift she wanted to send to her friend in Europe.  As the sisters cried and our manager tried to hold back her tears, they re-told her their heart-wrenching story as they choose the flowers for the funeral and meal.

 When they were about to pay for the flowers,  the woman looking at flowers for her friend asked to speak to the Manager.  The woman told our manager that she would pay for all the flowers for the funeral and the after meal.  The woman thought we were going above and beyond to help the mourning sisters.  When we told the sisters,  tearfully they hugged and thanked the generous stranger.  
Later I asked my manager, who knows all our clients if the lady had been here before, she told me she had never see her before.  We looked at our list of clients and this was the first time she ever purchased flowers from our shop. 

God had sent an Angel from heaven to help these sisters.  What are the chances?  There are Angel even in Los Angeles!



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