Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flowers for Your Wedding Day - Questions Answered

Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Now that you have chosen your wedding date, location, gown, bridesmaids and all the other details, don't forget your flowers!  Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter are all wonderful times of the year for wedding flowers.  Choosing the right flowers for the right season can make your wedding a beautiful memorable success or a disaster!

When you go to a professional florist they will ask you a number of things:

1)  What is the date of your event?

Once we know the date of your event we know which flowers are in season.  The most knowledgeable floral professional would help you choose the right flower for the right season.  Why is this important you may ask?  Flowers grown in their season are at their peak. This is when they are the most beautiful, abundant with varieties and reasonably priced for the highest quality.

For example many brides may want to use lilac, peonies & daffodils in fall.  They are best in the spring to late spring and normally not available in the fall.   If the florist does find flowers when they are out of season, the flowers will be of poor or bad quality, limited in colors/varieties and outrageous in price!  Why sacrifice the beauty of your wedding for flowers that are out of season? 

2)  What is the colors/theme of your wedding flowers?

This would include the color & style of bridal gown.  What is the style and bridal bouquet for her gown?
Elegant white teardrop Bridal Bouquet

The color & style of your bridesmaids' gowns/dresses. What type of bridesmaid floral bouquets?
Bridesmaid floral nosegay
Rose boutonniere with
crystal beading
The type of tuxedo/suit the men wearing? What type of floral boutonniere's?
Flower girl hair
The color & style of the flower girl dress.
Orchid & rose corsage
The color of the gown/dresses of the Mothers of the Bride & Groom. So you can choose the proper corsages.
Reception Centerpiece
Ceremony Flowers
Your ceremony flowers.  Do you want traditional pastel colors or bold color?
Your reception flowers.  Many times they match your bridesmaids' colors.

Why are these things important?  The professionals florist is gathering information from you to help you choose the right flowers that expresses your desires, personality & the image you want to express to your guests on your wedding day.   If you do not really know what you may want for your wedding flowers & decor, a consultation with a good floral professional can help you focus your ideas & give you creative, beautiful wedding flower suggestions. 

Flower by Season
to be continued...

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