Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog

     Vase of fresh lovely Sweet Pea blossoms
 Welcome to our Blog.  In our blog we will show wonderful varieties of flowers we have available.  New items in our shop that is not on our website and ideas for things in Los Angeles. 

Our shop one of the lucky florist that have almost a year-round source of fresh, fragrant Sweet Pea flowers. Soft & delicate, fragrant & pure what could be more wonderful than a vase of fresh sweet peas. Memories of your Grandmother's garden. These grown by a local farmer & they go fast!   With its soft colored yet small, delicate flowers, the sweet pea’s history can be traced back to 17th century Italy. Sweet peas represent delicate or blissful pleasure in the language of flowers, this enchanting flower remains a favorite fragrant blossom.  For Los Angeles County Deliveries only, a very scarce flower  We are a  Los Angeles area Florist with deliveries in many cities in Los Angeles county.

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